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New music with a nostalgic essence!

As a singer, songwriter, musician, and author, I have attempted to create new songs that have a timeless nostalgic sound to them. As one friend said about my songs: “They transported me back to a time when I felt music was at its best.” I hope you will have a similar experience.
The albums are a mixture of new songs, and old songs reimagined. Thanks for visiting my music!

You can listen to all of my music on BandCamp by pressing the button below.

Soon To be released!

Lucid Day

Lucid Day is an instrumental music project that started a long time ago, when there were things called tape recorders, and shiny silvery discs called CDs. And people would listen to an album from start to finish.

Unless you had the luxury of a ‘random play’ button on your CD player.

This is a collaboration and collection of instrumental tunes by DADO (Dave Abbott and Daniel O’Brien).

The tunes evolved from jamming together on bits and pieces of ideas, and working on the bits and pieces to create a musical tapestry. We had in mind to make a melodic, contemplative album people could enjoy when they wanted to relax and stare out a window. Or perhaps give a massage to that special someone.

It is best to listen to Lucid Day from start to finish on a nice pair of headphones, or a stereo with good speakers to get the full mood and impact of the experience.

I hope you will enjoy the journey of Lucid Day.

Lucid day will be on all of the streaming sites in the near future.

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These are the last three albums released. Click on the album cover to go to BandCamp and listen away.

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